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ANTINOUS: A Poem. Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa

The poem ANTINOUS by Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa has been written direct in English in 1915 and released in 1918. The poem has translated into Greek by poet Kostas Landavos and published by Armos Editions in 2006.


ANTINOUS: A poem (extract)


The rain outside was cold in Hadrian's soul.


The boy lay dead

On the low couch, on whose denuded whole,

To Hadrian's eyes, whose sorrow was a dread,

The shadowy light of Death's eclipse was shed.


The boy lay dead, and the day seemed a night

Outside. The rain fell like a sick affright

Of Nature at her work in killing him.

Memory of what he was gave no delight,

Delight at what he was was dead and dim.



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1ª ed.: Antinous. Fernando Pessoa. Lisbon: 1918. 2ªed. revista e alterada in English Poems I-II. Fernando Pessoa. Lisbon: Olisipo, 1921.